Clio Natsi

I.qousqoura 754622 
Thessaloniki Greece 
Telephone : (0030) 2310 223488 
She was born in Thessaloniki. Her father Dr Dimitriadis Alexandros, and her mother Maria Vakirtgi. She married the mechanical engineer G. Natsi. She studied painting in the school of Fine Atrs, at the atelier of G. Moralis (1948-1949) and in Thessaloniki, near Pol. Regos. She is a member of the Artistic Chamber of Athens, founding member of the Club of Artists of North Greece and member of the Corporation of Artistic Exchanges and of the International Instructional Confederacy of Women. She took part in the Conjectural Organization of the Ministry of Culture in Romania in 1969, in the Biennale of Alexandria in 1972 and in Moscow in 1988. She took part in nine Panhellenic Exhibitions and in two Exhibitions of the UNESCO, in Paris and London, in 1978.

In 1982 she participated in the "Salon de Comparaison Grand Palais" in Paris and during the same year she represented our country with a private exhibition in the Greek Month of Vienna, after being selected by an Ausrtian Committee in the organization regarding the Greek Painting, which was set up by the Popular University Winner Urania. She took part in more than 100 Joint Exhibitions. She was awarded a price from the Commercial Bank of Greece and two times from the Municipality of Thessaloniki. In 1969 she won the Prize money in the "Salon de L' Art Libre" and in 1973 the Silver Medal in the same Salon. During the same year she was awarded the Silver Medal in Madrid.

In 1984 she was invited by the Institute of Joan. Vellidis and she exhibited her works in the exhibition organized by it. In 1987-1988 the Vaphopoulio Cultural Centre presented her rétrospective exhibition. In 1989 in the co-organization of the Municipality of Paris and the D.M.O.G. for the comlpetion of 200 years from the Conquest of Bastille, her work was chosen for the poster of the exhibition and was awarded the Silver Medal of the City of Paris.

She has been a member of the Administrative Board of the State Theatre of North Greece for five years. She is a fellow of the Society of Macedonic Studies and has written for the issue of the completion of 40 years of the Company the background of the development of the Conjecturale Arts in Thessaloniki, as well as order texts, such as "6 American Women Artists", "Luiz Nevelson" (engraving), "G. Paralis" , "Pol. Regos", "Theophilos" a.o. She illustrated the children's book Paidikes Chares by Katina Tsemkentzi, the book I kritiki parousia tou Petrou Spandonidi, the poetry collection by Marios Marinos Charalambous entitled Odos Antheon, and the front cover of the literary work by the same author entitled Treis mystikes istories. She was a mèmber of the Supervisory Committee of the Municipal Picture Gallery and Town Councillor of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. She is a member of the Committee of the Picture Gallery of the Society of Macedonic Studies.

Her works of art can be fould in the Municipal Picture Gallery of Thessaloniki, the Municipal Picture Gallery of Athens, the Municipal Picture Gallery of Rhodes, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, in Banks and Private Collections in Greece and abroad.

Clio Natsi has always believed, that works of art shouldn't stand on their own, but should always be compared to the works of her colleagues. Thus, she has participated in numerous tmportant group exhibitions, in Greece and abroad.


Feuilles d'automne
Oil on canvas
90x100 cm

Crown of Myrte
Oil on canvas
110x95 cm

Series "Ripped kites", Kite N° 3
Oil on canvas
95x105 cm